1961 Gibson ES-335TD with Bigsby w/OHSC

Sale price$23,000.00


This is an amazing ES guitar with PAF pickups. The Bigsby is original with the "Custom Made" plate nailed into the top. The finish doesn't have much fade and the cherry is prevalent. The pots and cap appear to be changed, but everything functions as intended. It does not have the bumblee caps. The pickups are the original double black PAF pickups with both their stickers intact. At one point these were uncovered then recovered with more modern dull nickel covers (included). The pickups are absolute magic as most PAF sets are. This guitar has some wear on the fretboard, but plenty of life left in the frets. This features the early 60s style blade neck that is very comfortable and fast. The tuners were at one point replaced leaving some impressions, but no new holes. The originals are currently back on. Ships in the original brown/pink case that has seen some traveling and has an "ELM" badge on the side.

Weight: 8lbs 6oz

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