1980s Warwick Nobby Meidel Guitar

Sale price$2,400.00


This is an extremely uncommon guitar built by Warwick in the early/mid 80s. The overall design is interesting to say the least. It is their attempt to compete with the other headless brands out in that era. This guitar is in good condition for the age with lots of beautiful wood appointments and brass, which accent the raw look well. There were many of this Nobby Meidel model made in basses, but very few in guitar. This guitar unfortunately had its plate fall off, so we are unsure which number this is. According to some research it looks like that under 50 were made for the US market and then around half were lost. This guitar has an HSS configuration with a wood plate that shows a little warping. This could be from humidity changes, but the pickups are still at an appropriate height. The electronics will sometimes have a small ground hum if a knob is twisted too fast and the tone knob makes this sound like it is 50 deep in mud. The low e string tuner has some movement since it appears the washer may have some stripping. Does not include a case/stand, but will include a homemade copper stand just to display this beautiful piece of 80s innovation.

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