1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst w/HSC

Sale price$7,995.00


This is a great example of an aged silverburst finish. The silver has turned to a nice yellow tint and looks fantastic with the lacquer cracking. Everything on this guitar appears to be original besides the tuners, but it looks like they were the same footprint and work really well. The pots date to the 25th week of 1984. The pickups are patent stamped and sound great in each position. The fretless wonder frets are extremely easy to play and it is currently set up well with low/medium action. The chainsaw case unfortunately is not included, but this will ship in a more current brown Gibson Hardshell LP case, which is very secure.

Weight: 9lbs 8oz

Nut Width: 1.707"

Neck Specs (1st & 12th): .812-.944"

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