Fender Custom Shop Michael Landau '68 Stratocaster

Sale price$3,695.00


2022 Fender Custom Shop Michael Landau '68 Stratocaster in excellent condition with all case candy, ash tray, vibrato bar, floor traveler, COA, etc. This guitar is in excellent one-owner condition. The setup is really quite good with action at 1.5mm (.060") at high E and 1.75mm (.070") at low E @ 12th fret. No fretting out while bending strings, even with a 7.25" radius. Bridge is setup so that it just barely floats above the body and the vibrato arm doesn't have any wiggle or play like most. Frets polished and fretboard oiled, fresh set of D'Addario EXL110's installed. Case is also in excellent condition, maybe a micro-scuff or two. Specs can be seen in the floor traveler photo. 100% stock, no modifications.

Weight: 7lbs 8.3oz

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