Legendary Tones Mr. Scary Mod REVERSE WIRED

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From Legendary Tones:

Created in collaboration with George Lynch, the Mr. Scary Mod is a custom-modified version of the Hot Mod V2. Want to supercharge your classic Marshall amp with more gain without applying a permanent modification? Then read more below and welcome to the Mr. Scary Mod!

Originally released as the Lynch Mod in February 2021, the updated Mr. Scary Mod features the same circuit as the Lynch Mod but is now equipped with a tube mix combo of 12AT7/12AX7 per George’s preference as well as a facelift in a newly redesigned electro-galvanized steel enclosure.


JCM 800 800 2203X reissue (all years), 2203ZW (Zakk Wylde signature)

1987X (model year 2003+ w/Marshall added effects loop)

1959SLP (w/Marshall added effects loop),

1959RR (Randy Rhoads Signature)


CLONES:The Hot Mod V2 has been found to work well in a variety of Marshall 1959/1987/2203/2204 clone and similar circuits including: Ceriatone, Germino, Mojotone, Wangs, and Bugera (Bugera requires a reverse wired HMV2E model and is compatible with pre-Infinium 1960 model only. Bugera Infinium 1960 will NOT work properly). If your clone amp is based on a 2203/2204 design and has any squealing/oscillation noise when using it with the HMV2/Lynch Mod, it is likely because the amp doesn’t use shielded wire on pin 7 of V1 like Marshall amps use on their 2203/2204 designs from 1979+. This would be a good update to perform on the clone amp, regardless of the use of the HMV2/Lynch Mod or not as Pin 7 of V1 tends to be sensitive.

FRIEDMAN AMPS:Runt 50 is compatible with the reverse-wire version of the Hot Mod V2 Evo and Lynch Mods (use in V3 position of Runt 50). The Small Box and BE-100 are also compatible but require use of standard wired HMV2E or Lynch Mod.

NOTE: Friedman amps are NOT compatible with earlier “pre-EVO” Hot Mod V2 units.

NOTE 2: While the Runt 20, JJ Jr. and Pink Taco 20 models are sonically compatible with the HMV2E and Lynch Mod, the head enclosures are too shallow and don’t have enough depth to fit the HMV2E chassis.

OTHER AMPS:The Hot Mod V2 is designed to work with amps which use a cathode follower design into the tone stack. It adds a gain stage essentially on top of the cathode follower. As a result, the HMV2 will function in other classic amps like Fender Pro, Super, Twin, etc. as well as others like Vox AC30 or certain Traynor amps, etc. However, the circuit of the HMV2 has been tuned and optimized for Marshall circuits, so we generally recommend they be used for the models in the list above only. If we were to make a design for a Fender for example, it would be tuned differently just like it would also be tuned differently for a Vox.

Popular amps that the HMV2/Lynch Mod DO NOT WORK with include: Marshall Silver Jubilee series, Marshall Origin series, Marshall DSL/TSL series, Mesa Boogie amps, and Hiwatt.

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